Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. Marks Children’s Day with the Orphans of Concordia Children Services

La Concordia Cobankiat Hardware Inc CSR  (10)

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc., a purpose-driven 100-year-old hardware supply company, shared goodness and compassion to the beneficiary children of Concordia Children Services in Santa Mesa, Manila last March 23, 2019.  Every orphan from the institution was able to feel the warmth and love they’ve been longing for as the CBK Hardware Inc. employees spent a surreal day with them.

Aside from feeding and playing which brought so much joy and laughter to the children, CBK Hardware Inc. also turned over more than Php 108,000 worth of hardware and home improvement items to help improve the living spaces of Concordia that will surely bring additional comfort to the people under its roof. These materials were mixed with ceiling fans, vacuums, faucets, doorknobs and other cleaning equipment from CBK’s top and trusted global brands.


This initiative was just one of more little ways of CBK Hardware Inc. to give back to the society, to support the less privileged and needy, that is in line with its corporate mission for its corporate social responsibility efforts.


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