Trusted the World Over, Chubbsafes is Now in the Philippines Brought by Exclusive Distributorship of CBK Hardware Inc.,

Trusted the world over, Chubbsafes is now exclusively distributed by Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. in the country. Last June 14, 2019 at Casablanca Music Lounge, Edsa Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. formally held an event to launch its newest brand for safes attended by the biggest media agencies.

Behind the consistent pursuit of innovations of Chubbsafes in breaking the boundaries in security solutions is the noble motivation of bringing convenience and peace of mind to its customers.

The driving force of Chubbsafes inspired Co Ban Kiat Hardware to bring the oldest and champion brand in safes and vaults business in the Philippines for the Filipinos to have access to quality security products & solutions supporting the efficient cost of ownership.

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